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Enjoy enhanced security with two-factor authentication

The security of your account is always a top priority at Farmers & Merchants Union Bank. That's why we're implementing a new two-factor authentication feature for account access, ensuring your banking experience remains safe.

To make this transition go as smooth as possible for you, please log-in to your FMUB online banking account prior to Tuesday, November 9 (when these new features go into effect) and verify the mobile, home and/or work phone number(s) we have in the online banking system are up-to-date and correct for you.

The best way to do that is:
1. Log-in to Online Banking
2. Click 'Profile' on the navigation bar on the top of the page
3. Click 'Edit' next phone numbers
4. Modify any entries in those fields as needed
5. Click 'Save' - and you're all done!

Then, when you log in to your account for the first time after the morning of
Tuesday, November 9, you will experience these steps:
1. Log-in to FMUB Online Banking with your Username and Password
2. Answer one challenge question
3. Verify those phone numbers that you entered on the next screen
4. Click 'Continue' after verifying that information
5. Receive a six-digit code (either texted to your mobile phone or an automated voice call to which phone you decide); use that code to verify your device

Then, for each log-in after that, simply enter your username and password on the log-in screen. A code will be sent to your device, enter that code and enjoy full, safe access to your FMUB online banking account.

What does two-factor authentication mean for you?

No more frustrating security questions when accessing your account

No need to memorize your new passcode – each generated code is unique

Each passcode is sent directly to your device for easier access

Your account is more secure



 Log in to your FMUB Online Banking to get started today!


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