CyberProtect: Identity Watch from Fiserv and FMUB

Farmers & Merchants Union Bank is proud to partner with Fiserv to bring you a program that will help protect you from would-be identity thieves, monitor your credit and personal information and much more.

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Plan Includes:

Keystroke Encryption Software

  • Guaranteed to block the capture of keystrokes on any PC or mobile device (Compatible with Windows, Android and iOS)
  • Unlike antivirus which identifies only known catalogued malware, keystroke encryption protects from zero-day (unknown) keylogging malware
  • Ensures privacy for emails and other sensitive information

DarkWeb Scanning

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to Dark Web Scanning
  • Immediate results provide a report of email account(s) found. Helps you stay proactive and up- to- date on the security of your account credentials
  • Provides steps you can take to protect your account credentials from being used to access other sites such as banking and credit cards

Identity Theft Monitoring

  • Monitors millions of public and private database records to identify possible instances of identity theft, including changes to your personal information like name, address, SSN, and phone number
  • Email and SMS text message alerts notify you about any suspicious activity

Credit Monitoring

  • Provides you with peace of mind that your credit file is being monitored 24/7/365 for new activity
  • Receive alerts directly to your Email account and/or mobile phone, allowing you to review the alert details immediately to reduce your risk exposure
  • Secure online access to review all credit alert details

Fully Managed Recovery

  • Dedicated recovery advocate works on your behalf to perform all tasks necessary to restore your identity
    • Submits disputes on your behalf
    • Criminal investigation assistance and evidence capture
    • Creates law enforcement grade case file
  • Identity Care Account provides a convenient means to track the progress of your identity theft case securely 24/7/365

Identity Theft Policy

  • Restoring one’s name and good credit is a time- consuming and expensive process
  • ID Theft coverage provides assistance and financial relief up to $1 million for stolen funds, identity
    restoration costs, legal defense expenses and lost wages


In addition, business enrollment includes:

Dark Web Domain Monitoring

  • Searches the Dark Web 24/7 for any instances of your company domain and provides alerts.
  • Notifies you each month if no instances of exposure are found

$100,000 Cyber Liability Policy

  • Available to businesses that process card transactions


This service is available for our business and consumer customers.  There is a fee of $10/month, per business or individual signed up for the service.  Each enrollment requires a separate, unique email address to register.  Joint accounts may sign up for the service, but if both owners wish to receive CyberProtect: Identity Watch from Fiserv benefits, each person needs to register separately. 

For more information about CyberProtect: Identity Watch from Fiserv,
please call us at 920.623.4000 OR Enroll Now!

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